"My heart is racing... no it's pounding in my chest. I can tell my hands are trembling and sweaty. The room is getting narrow and I can't focus on anything other than my racing heart.

My breathing is fast, faster than usual...

Is this feeling normal?"

-August Rose

This is how I’ve spent a great deal of my time in the last two decades... suffering from anxiety and panic attacks.


My name is August Rose and I have been living with generalized anxiety disorder and panic attacks for approximately 20 years (some would say my whole life). I also developed severe postpartum anxiety after the birth of my second child, which lasted roughly two years. I am married to my high school sweetheart and have 3 wonderful sons. I am a certified wellness advisor, certified mental health first aider, and I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Sciences from DePaul University.


During the height of my anxiety, I appeared to have it all under control. However, it was difficult for people to see what was going on inside my head. You know, that constant struggle when we try to rope in the worry, fear, and intrusive thoughts. It was extremely exhausting and isolating. I struggled with many symptoms of anxiety which greatly impacted my life and relationships.


The symptoms weren't always physical they also contributed to behaviors such as, not being able to make or return phone calls, struggling to compose an email and declining invitations. Then there were those moments when I feared a heart attack or stroke due to the amount of heart palpitations I felt.


Throughout the years I have seen numerous doctors, cardiologists, and therapists who have all given me great advice. I have also tried various treatment methods to improve my anxiety symptoms. It was difficult to function normally with my continued physical symptoms. Finally, I was able to turn things around and gained control of my anxiety disorder. You can too!

I combined all of my experience, knowledge, and training to develop this innovative approach to anxiety symptom relief. Having control over my life again brought tremendous relief. It was so life changing that I wanted to reach out to help others who are living with anxiety. To me, anxiety is like the ocean, with constant waves of worry, self-doubt, and physical symptoms coming over you. With harsher weather (or when times get tougher) the waves can become larger, more destructive, and can pull you under in a matter of seconds.


Using the techniques in the Anxiety Guides I have been able to calm my waves. My anxiety doesn’t pull me under anymore and I can simply enjoy my life knowing I am in control. It is my belief that sharing my story and techniques can help you too.


You can learn more about my personal story in The Anxiety Guide Book 1: Take Control and Calm the Waves ... now let’s go help calm your waves!