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August Rose, a certified wellness advisor, certified mental health first aider and founder of, struggled with anxiety and panic disorder for over two decades, including two years of debilitating postpartum anxiety. She was able to recover from her mental illness, calm her symptoms, and start enjoying life again. Through anxiety specific courses, training, research, support group participation and personal experience she has been able to help others succeed in decreasing or eliminating their symptoms as well.

The Anxiety Guides website is here to support, inspire, motivate, and assist in calming your symptoms of anxiety. Passion, respect, and empathy drive August through her mission to help others.  

About The Anxiety Guides

Are you one of the millions of people suffering from an anxiety or panic disorder? Despite constant efforts to manage your anxiety, do symptoms still take over and disrupt your life? Whether you have been medically diagnosed or self diagnosed The Anxiety Guides and August Rose are here to help.

The approach is simple and effective 

The Anxiety Guide Book 1

- Learn the biology behind your symptoms. Why and how you experience them.

- Identify & transform negative, unwanted, and/or intrusive thoughts.

- Develop effective skills to combat overwhelming anxiety symptoms.

Download and Print the Free Materials that can assist you in working through the guide book. Then find our worksheets and motivational artwork quotes in the Shop.

Join The Anxiety Guides Community on our social sites to take advantage of unique, exclusive symptom relief content created by August Rose and extended support.​

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