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- A return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength.

This probably isn’t a term you have heard associated with anxiety and panic disorders quite often, if at all. Recovery isn’t something I learned about until towards the end or later part of my anxiety battle. This battle raged on for decades and all I had ever heard was that there was no cure for mental illnesses. It always seemed as if I was meant to live life this way, continually worried and constantly panicking.

I want to make one thing very clear and that is you can reach a point of recovery with an anxiety disorder. The how, where, and when are not as clear cut. Why? Because not everyone’s anxiety disorder behaves the same way. Not everyone’s anxiety produces the same symptoms. And not everyone with anxiety is within the same environment. So how can you reach recovery?

As stated in, The Anxiety Guide Book 1, to begin recovery you will first need to be in the right mindset and have some personal motivation. You have to sit down and have a heart to heart with yourself. Ask yourself why you want to reach recovery. What is it that bothers you about your anxiety disorder? What does your anxiety prevent you from achieving? Write out your answers and find out the real reason you want to recover. This will help you with the next step which is to come up with some personal goals and a treatment plan. Not sure how to set up a treatment plan. Start with a professional or join me at The Anxiety Guides. Either way is a step in the right direction. You could also pick up a copy of The Anxiety Guide Book 1: Take Control and Calm the Waves for tips and techniques in calming your anxiety symptoms and also become a member of The Anxiety Guides, where I create and post monthly worksheets to work through your anxiety, monthly printable motivational wall art and so much more.

I have personally recovered from my anxiety and panic disorders and have helped others do the same. Be sure to subscribe as I will be discussing what recovery feels like and how to maintain it next.

I want to leave you with this very moving statement from the President’s New Freedom Commission on Mental Health, Achieving the Promise; Transforming Mental Health Care in America from 2003. The commission found that recovery from mental illness is now a real possibility. Below is a snippet from the letter along with a link to view the complete letter.

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